MY journey:

Years ago, I would have many days when I felt that life was just passing by and even at times, invisible to the world around me.  I was listless and had no energy, was not fulfilled or even challenged by current job, in debt, felt uninspired by my current group of friends, and in general, just felt something like was severely missing in my current life. I was beginning to feel irrelevant and almost invisible. The thought of living the rest of my life in this listless uninspired joyless state, made me realize that I had to change.

After attending countless workshops and reading/listening to hundreds and hundreds hours of CDs and books, I realized that to finally move to a compelling future, I needed to first commit to that future and then do what ever it takes. Working with a coach, I found a way to get out of debt, starting eating more organic food and green drinks, began exercising more often and even did a half-marathon, sparked up my life with husband, , developed a kick-ass morning ritual, found some new empowering friends, relaxed and began having more fun, and launched into living my wildly fabulous life! Most importantly, I quit my 9to5 to follow my passion. NOW, I want to help you move your life to this outstanding level. Let me show you how to design your life to create your compelling fulfilling future!


I will take you from where you are to where you want to be and we will have fun doing it! Sparking your imagination and firing up your heart and mind to move you to your next level.I understand the burning desire to move to a wildly fabulous fulfilling life!Many twists and turns have led to my unique qualifications.


  • Over 15 years of experience helping woman to design a Wildly Fabulous Future
  • (Tony) Robbins-Madanes Trained as a Strategic Intervention Coach
  • Lawyer ~ Civil and Criminal Practice, Legal Publications Contributor
  • Hosted Boomer Babes Celebrations in 10 Cities Worldwide with Oakland
  • Authored Celebrate The Change: Making Menopause Fun
  • Developed the "Celebrate The Change Hot Flash Kit"
  • Administrative Vice President for Liberal Arts College
  • Growth promoting workshops and CDs/readings on relationships, personal growth, etc.
  • Advisor to older adults completing BA degree
  • Mentor Program Director for "at risk" youth
  • Small Business Owner ~ Accessories Design and Production
  •  Facilitated the City of Oakland to proclaim that 10/10/10 is Boomer Babes Celebration Day

Just for fun, I substituted as a Water Aerobics Teacher: 

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