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Testimonials About Marjorie Paul, Certified Strategic Intervention Coach:

Life Designer

From Coaching Clients:

“Marjorie’s insightful guidance helped me to maneuver my way through my retirement transition. With her challenges and support, I was able to create a life I had only dreamed about living. With renewed clarity and positive outcomes, ”I have transitioned into a more confident woman with many tools to make my (..semi) retirement successful. Thank you, dear Marjorie, for opening my eyes to my endless possibilities."

Susan Sanchez, Hathaway Pines, CA 2018

"I call Marjorie my Nike force, because she got me "unstuck." She kept telling me over and over again to just do it. Finally, I got the message and I did what she asked. I committed to days and times -- and it didn't hurt being held accountable by someone else-- and I was able to do something that I hadn't been able to do in five years of trying. With Marjorie as my guide, helping me managing my time, I did something I'd been wanting to do for at least five years. I published a book. Thank you, Marjorie!" Deborah Smith, Speaker, Author Los Angeles, CA 2011

"Marjorie... gave me new insight into my strengths and helped me forge a path to success that I hadn't even imagined. Her belief in me never wavered, and her practical advice made all the difference. I highly recommend Marjorie's services when you are ready to move to the next step ..." Sara G, Seattle, WA. 2009

“Marjorie helped me step forward with optimism and hope. She was invaluable in helping create clarity in the midst of personal and professional confusion .... She provided me with practical methodology, injected with humor and hope….. ”  Jean L, San Francisco, CA. 2016

"Marjorie was able to infuse hope into an otherwise nightmarish and hopeless appearing situation and thus help me transcend a difficult and overwhelming crisis into a learning experience that serves me to this day." Uwe E, Author Oakland, CA. 2005

From Past Workshops:
“Since your workshop, I lost that 5 pounds that I thought would never come off…” Stacy M., Oakland

“I was able to finish my short term goal in record time…” Belinda S., Berkeley

My only issue is "I wish it was longer!"