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Beyond Coaching with Marjorie Paul - Certified Coach

Ready for your next ADVENTURE?

Are you in transition and either STRUGGLING OR EXCITED about your next step (new career, retirement, new business, etc) OR MAYBE BOTH?

Are you READY TO LAUNCH into your passion?

I will coach you to design what I have designed for myself!

Together, we will have fun designing your
Wildly Fabulous Life!

Upcoming Presentation: 2/2/18 in Berkeley, CA

New Years’ Resolutions Don’t Work

Design a 2018 Plan that Will Work!

Most of us have tried (and tried) making Resolutions for the New Year and have found that they just don’t work. Does that sound like you? How would you like to design a plan for 2018 that works? Take your first step to making 2018 your best year – yet – with my unique planning method!

To RSVP or for more information, please contact Marjorie Paul, Certified Life Coach, at 510-435-3022 or

Past  Events:

1/5/18, 1/10/18, 1/11/18:

New Year's Resolutions Don't Work - Make 2018 Plan that works!

 August 16, 2017  and September 11, 2017

Are you Stuck Completing a Nagging Project?

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10-Day Stand UP and Stand OUT Challenge on August 1, 2017


Elements for a Compelling Future: Vision, Breakthrough, Design, and Celebrate

Because I have been there, I understand and I can help you move forward....

Several years ago, I had many days when it would be hard just to drag myself out of bed. I felt listless and uninspired. I felt like life was passing me by and that my thoughts and ideas were no longer wanted or relevant.

Finally, I was able to turn around and claim my rightful place in the world. NOW, I have designed my wildly fabulous life and I want to help you move your life to this outstanding level. Let me show you how to design the life you desire!

Let us design and co-create your new fabulous life together!

We will work on your internal mindset and what may be holding you back, while achieving your external goals!I will help YOU move forward faster and with more fun